We've actually been doing tuning work for years - that's what started the whole daughterboard and Consult Interface projects. Now that we have Nistune realtime programming we're tuning a lot of local SR's, from N14 Pulsars to S15 200SX's. So if you're in Adelaide we can help with getting your SR going how you want it to.


We're adding pages for local vehicles that we've tuned to give people an idea of what is realistically achievable. And hopefully show some of the triumphs and pitfalls along the way. We don't sell performance parts or have affiliations with any particular workshop/brand so we tell it how it is. We'll attempt to show you all the information that's been gathered to help you make an informed decision on what mods to perform on your own SR. This is mainly a data archive which presents facts and figures - minimum pictures of shiny things unless there's something exceptional to show you. If you're a rice boy you're in the wrong place.

Paul's 180SX. If you like a good read then check out this one. We've been tweaking Paul's car for years now. He's been spending money and getting power. We've been spending time and getting knowledge. And making some good friends along the way.

Graeme's SR powered 510. Nice unit this one. S13 SR20DET in a Datsun 510. Currently running a GT2871R with bigger injectors/AFM and Tomei Poncams.

Jason's 180SX Daily driver with 200+rwkw. 52 trim 2871R running 16psi.

Brett's Datto 1600 Complete with aircon. A truly daily driven Datto that's not afraid of the track either.

Paul's DET N15 What? A front wheel drive? Yep, the devil made me do it! And I loved it!!

Shannon's SR20DE+T Budget success story. Now with 480cc injectors, RB25 AFM and 11psi.

Ross's SR Powered Datto 1600 Wot? Another one? Yep - you can never have too many!

Graeme's S15 Our first S15 tune using the NIStune system.

Chris's SR powered Ceffy How a local guy has set up his Ceffy drift car using a small turbo and ethanol to make amazing power across a very broad range.

Brent's N14 DE+T Pulsar How to make a Pulsar go fast without breaking the bank.