This is Ross's second SR powered 510. His first one had a PLMS wiring job and tuned ECU for 550's, Z32 AFM and increased boost. It went well. But for some reason Ross lost his mind at one stage and decided that he wanted no more of these old cars that take so much looking after. But after owning a couple of S14 200SX's he felt the need for some 510 turbo goodness again!

He was lucky enough to find a pretty decent 510 with much of the work done. Which he duly purchased. Having done it before it was a simple matter of making a list and getting on with it. "Pete, I need a wiring loom conversion, some 550's a Z32 AFM and ECU tune". No messin' around with Ross!

What's interesting about this one is that Ross chose to stick with the T28 turbo. He'd actually been using the car on the track with a set of "base maps" that I'd fitted (not recommended) but he'd kept boost down to 8psi so I guess that's kinda OK. But he was getting beaten by his mates so it was time to give it a tweak. I recommended trying a set of mild cams and a small boost increase rather than screwing the boost right up or fitting a bigger turbo. This would also mean that he'd keep the good boost response of the smaller turbo - which he was very keen on.



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Mixtures Boost


As you can see from the graphs - it worked. Seeing this car was going to see some track use (OK, probably quite a lot!) the boost was kept to sane levels, mixtures were left a tad rich and IGN timing was slightly tamer than usual. Ross also runs a quiet exhaust with cat converter. So 192rwkw is probably a pretty conservative figure. I'd expect 200 to 210rwkw on 16psi with some slightly more aggressive tuning.