Another budget success story. Brent followed what has fast become a standard recipe for Pulsar performance. Start with an SR20DE powered N14/N15 Pulsar and then:

  • - fit turbo from S13/14/15
  • - fit 370cc injectors from S13 DET
  • - fit exhaust manifold from a FWD/AWD DET (GTiR, U13 Attessa, W10/11 Avenir)
  • - plumb the lot up (don't underestimate this bit)
  • - tune the standard N14 ECU to suit (using a NIStune board of course!)
  • - enjoy!

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First engine - using std AFM Wastegate setup - Ver 1 Nicely disguised front-mount

Brent had a somewhat troubled entry into the world of DE+T Pulsars. Firstly being the recipient of a less-than-perfect turbo and then killing his first engine. Rumour has it that it may have been given a hard time before it was tuned. Beware - because the DE's are quite high compression engines you can't just whack a turbo on and hope it'll be OK. You need to take A LOT of timing out before they'll stop detonating. Lessons learned...

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Std AFM vs RB20 AFM Plumbing! Wastegate setup - Ver 1

Anyway another engine was sourced for minimal $$$ and it was time for Version 2. This time an upgraded AFM (RB20DET) was also used. These can be had cheaply, have an ID of 72mm and are good to just over 200KW ATW.

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Engine No. 2 Oil cooler Boost (sort of) controller

Once the car was up and running we did a road tune one night to make sure everything was working properly. Fortunately it was. Boost was around 10psi. Which is about right for the T25G (from S13 SR20DET). Timing had to be slashed to allow for the boosted configuration. Back to 5 degrees total timing in teh midrange. Average worked out to be about 10 degrees less than an equivalent DET (which run 8.5:1 compression rather than 9.5:1). Mixtures were adjusted to approx 11.5:1. Rich = safe.


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Results for high and low boost

Once on the dyno it was pleasing to find that our road tuning efforts had paid off. Mixtures were pretty much spot on. So we were able to spend our time tuning that all important IGN map. Results were 158KW ATW on 10.5psi. Not too shabby. I reckon we could squeeze a tad more out of that little T25G - but not a lot more.