PLMS Developments is the result of the continuing efforts of two guys from Adelaide, South Australia. Peter L & Martin S (PLMS). Both of us are technicians in the electronics industry. One in communications and one in defence. We both maintain full time jobs so all the activities on this website are a sideline.

Many of our projects were built only for our own use. However some things became popular and are available for limited sale, or we have given away the construction details on the WWW.

We've been working hard with Matt from NIStune to develop the NIStune product line. We now build and supply NIStune products (hardware) to Matt and also look after trade orders. If you have a NIStune tuner's licence then please enter your details on the front page of our shopping cart. All available items will then become visible and quantity discounts will be applied. 


Please note we've recently upgraded our website to include a shopping cart. If this gives you any problems please just email us directly and we'll take care of your order old-skool style via email!    pl <at>


Or send us a message via the Contact page.



Pete L