Standard information about instrument cluster and EMV repairs.

Dear customer,


The current repair fees are listed for each item on the main repairs webpage, please add your return postage costs. This is normally a fixed repair price, but there can be exceptions. If the unit being repaired needs more than regular replaceable parts like capacitors, transistors and diodes etc then I will need to break out parts from a spare board, these boards have their own value until parts are removed. These parts are typically custom IC's and specially made transformers used in EMV's and S13 clusters. In these special cases I will email you to let you know that this has become necessary, and with a cost adjustment, you can accept or reject the repair a that point and have the item returned (at your cost). Some special parts are now unobtainable unless a new spare parts board is found, this can mean your unit has become unrepairable in rare cases...

Due to the number of hacked up units I'm being sent now days, if your cluster or EMV is a DIY train wreck inside it will cost you more than the flat rate also, or if you need other stuff like tachos fixed and fuel gauges changed over it will cost some more on top of the flat rate as well. Previously I was absorbing the time spent on that sort of thing but can't any longer due to being very busy with my day job. If your cluster is just simply faulty, with circuit boards that are in reasonable condition without previous botched repairs, it still will be the flat rate cost (unless of the odd exception as above).

EMV's take a lot more time and are prone to complex faults now. Due to other competing time pressures and the length of time it takes to repair an EMV properly with care, I am not taking on all the EMV jobs requested (cluster repairs are fine). Only a few when time permits me. I can let you know by email when you make contact about an EMV repair.

If your unit (cluster or EMV etc) is beyond repair I'll tell you by email, and I'd expect you to just pay the return post for it to come back to you, and that's all. Postage is normally the same as you paid to send it to me, unless the return address is not where you sent it from.

I don't do cluster or EMV modifications, as this work is way too hard to cost-out in advance and in the past left me well out of pocket time wise.

I no longer do overseas repair work as the extra time involved with overseas post/freight is not viable. 

I take Direct bank deposit, Paypal or Aust Post Money Order (please advise me which BEFORE paying). No cheques please.

Payment sent after I've contacted you to let you know I've fixed it is OK with me. I warrantee my repairs for three months, returned to me.

Send by Australia Post
Please use Australia Post in preference to a courier company to avoid a possible long delay in the parcels arrival to me. Why is that ? Because a courier will take the parcel back to a dispatch depot if they miss me at home, and that happens regularly for many reasons. The depot may well be at the airport, which is 30km away and nowhere near normal travels for me. Collection may take me a week to organise and cost me time and fuel. .

If Australia Post miss me the parcel is at the P.O. only 2km away !

Before sending
Please include a description of what happens to the S13 HUD instrument cluster or Soarer instrument cluster. I need the whole S13 instrument cluster unit, I won't accept just the S13 internal speedo module by itself any more. I don't need the top dash projector though, leave it in your car. Always remove the negative battery terminal cable on the car when removing or fitting the dash cluster to avoid any more damage!

When sending a Toyota EMV display please send the rear piggyback unit (clip on tin box) along with the main display unit. Please don't ship the radio-cassette deck or mounting plates to avoid higher postage costs.


S13 Clusters - Use an Aussie Post BX4 sized parcel carton, which is the larger box most post offices should have in stock for a couple of dollars. Take with you about a meter or two of bubble wrap and/or scrunched news paper, wrap it so the trip meter and HUD stalks are well protected. Tape the box up well too. It should cost about $13 by regular parcel post to send it from a capital city, registration is a very good idea for an extra $2.30. Please don't forget to put your return postal address on the box or inside it. Including your email address is a good idea too.   Click to enlarge
Soarer clusters and EMV's are bigger and heavier, and you are best to cut down a larger tough cardboard box and make it fit. Use lots of packing, I will reuse the same box and packing you send it to me in. Postage cost varies depending on how big you made the box and weight. I can't stress enough to pack them well, Aussie Post contractors play football with parcels at lunchtimes I'm quite sure :-)   Click to enlarge

Adelaide Customers
Adelaide customers are welcome to drop the units in to me at Wynn Vale after hours or to catch me in the city most days. Ask for my address and mobile number if doing that.

Turn-around time
Repair times can vary a little but it's very rare for me not to be able to turn it around in two or three days. Postage time takes about 3-5 working days each way from a Capital city. 

Please email me for the full correct address


PS. If you have had someone else fiddle with the cluster or EMV already you had better let me know now in advance, because that might change the costs. I've wasted much extra time fixing other technicians disasters!

my email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.