Details for Datsun 1600 mounting tray

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  An S14 DE job being tested before dispatch

This is pretty much how we do all Datsun 1600 installations now. It works out rather nicely to use a large ally tray to mount all the parts that are inside the vehicle. This tray fits horizontally between the firewall and the bottom glovebox bracket with all the parts easily accessible. So the ECU and all fuses/relays are serviceable while still being nicely tucked up out of the way.

3mm aluminium is used and all parts are secured using threaded holes - so there are no nuts to mess around with and all parts can be removed without accessing the other side of the tray. Fasteners are treated with Loctite so everthing stays in place even on rattly track cars. We're currently doing these as a $100 option with all loom conversion jobs. This includes:

  • 3mm aluminium mounting tray with all holes/threads cut and all mounting hardware.
  • Aluminium Mounting brackets for ECU.
  • Fitting of ECU, relays, fuses and whatever other options are specified.
  • Securing of loom to tray.

So all there is left to do is bolt the assembly in place. Mr. Nissan has kindly provided two suitable holes in the firewall that we can use. Add two holes to the glovebox mounting bracket and you're ready to bolt it in.

Here are examples of some we've done. Details may vary slightly from job to job.

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The first one - Pete R's DE setup being fitted to '72 510 Derek C's S13 DET complete with speed sensor interface, PLMS ECU re-map and 4 map switcher Jodie K's S13 DET with speed sensor interface and flash SPL modified ECU