PLMS is the result of the continuing tinkering of two guys from Adelaide Australia. Peter L & Martin S (PLMS). Both of us are technicians in the electronics industry. One in communications and one in defence. We both maintain full time jobs so all the activities on this website are a sideline.

Many of our projects were built only for our own use. However some things seemed popular so we have either looked at building for limited sale, or we have given away the construction details on the WWW.

We also offer some of our knowledge and skills to pay for our future tinkering............ 

Nissan SR20 Stuff

3" Dump Pipes - For Datsun 1600 (510) . MIG welded mild steel pipes to go direct from the turbo into a 3" sports exhaust system in these cars.  Details here

S13 SR20DET wiring loom preparation - Give Pete a stock SR20DET EFI loom and he will convert it to fit on a Datsun 1600 with new relays and all the obsolete wires removed. Ready to fit. Details here  

SR20 ECU Daughter boards - for removing fuel/speed cut from the S13 computer and tuning for turbo upgrades etc. to allow remapping of the engine fuel and ignition as well as fuel cut/ speed cut etc.  Details here

Electronic Repair Services

Take advantage of Martin's repair skills and get your automotive electronics going again. Capabilities include:

  • Silvia/180SX HUD instrument units
  • Toyota Soarer instrument clusters
  • Toyota Soarer "EMV"
  • Toyota Soarer TV units
  • General Nissan repairs incl Airflow Meters and ECUs
Details here

Nissan Consult

This is a project for communicating with Nissan engines via the factory diagnostic port. It consists of an interface to allow communication between the Consult Port and a PC/laptop and some software to run the whole thing.

All the information required to build your own unit is provided. As well as a description of the protocol and commands so you can write an application of your own to run on the PC/laptop/etc. Please note that if you wish to build your own you will need some electronics skills. We will not help debug your project. If you don't have the skills then please just buy a working unit from us and be happy!

Details here

Free DIY Projects

Projects not linked are for future inclusion.........

Other Interests

Martin has an interest with OBDII diagnostic readers and software also. Ultimately I'd like to make an in dash LCD display that takes engine information direct from the ECU. Mainly as an interesting gadget, but could be used to monitor engine parameters and set alarms when something goes wrong etc.

Currently testing a US designed BR-3 OBDII interface with local cars, so far my 1999 Jackaroo is the only car that works fully with it. There should be many others. If you live in Adelaide and have a car you'd like to try it out on (before you bought your own etc) let me know.

I also have an interest in Nissan's Consult II protocol and would like to hear from anyone that may have some technical descriptions of  Nissan's new diagnostic system. Electrical signalling and protocol info would be most welcome.

Also dabbling with repair of Nissan Air Flow Meters, have had some good success at this. Amongst my usual HUD and Toyota cluster repairs.

Pete's interests currently include testing his ECU maps with different sized air flow meters, developing a programmable Nissan ECU. Making his Nissan/Datsun 510/1600 go faster around corners than Nissan ever intended.

Pete and myself have picked up from our youth an interest in R/C electric planes. Mostly scratch built from plastic, foam and carbon fibre (no Balsa !).
If anyone in the North Eastern suburbs of Adelaide is interested in electric park flying on the weekends with us, drop me an email .

Martin has become a bit of a blogger and created a weblog of his Electric RC exploits. It makes for a very interesting read.

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